Adventure Time: Parental Visit

Today my parents will arrive for 3 weeks or more, and I’ve been working on some  ideas to keep us all entertained.  Besides them spending as much time with the Troll as possible; I would like to get them out the house and discover new things with them.  So with that in mind I downloaded a Geocaching app for my phone.  For those who still don’t know what Geocaching is: the official geocache website says this about it: “Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around you.” to find out more you can read wikipedia‘s article on Geocaching or go to the official site. Geocaching is a great way to keep entertained while on holiday, as well as a great way to explore the parts of your neighbourhood you didn’t know existed.

I also have a couple picnics planned and the obligatory trips to the beach, hopefully we have good weather because technically spring hasn’t quite sprung here yet.

In the crafting space I want my Mother to help me learn to crochet and sew.  Two things I have been wanting to learn for years, and either haven’t had the time, or in the case of crochet: haven’t quite got the concept.

Hopefully in amongst all this adventuring I will have time to write up some updates.


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