These Socks won’t knit themselves.

After the crazy period we like to call Christmas, I went through a rather dry spell with my knitting.  It always happens, all the activity, excitement, family and mounds of food wear me out and I experience a slump.  My mind needs time to recover  from all the socializing, anxiety and activity of the silly season.

In the last week I discovered the latest craze of the yarnie world, the “Find Your Fade” shawl by Andrea Mowry, which has left me feeling nostalgic and thinking about what colours I would use and how these colours would reflect on me.  Maybe I am taking it way too seriously but I feel the need for a project of self-reflection.  I think I will be dyeing  my own yarn for the shawl, I can’t wait to start.  What this has done for me is re-ignite my desire to knit, I have two projects lined up:  “Midwinter” by Trin-Annelie, and “Organised Chaos” by Sally Cameron.

But Before I start those, I must finish at least one project that has been languishing on my needles since last year:  a pair of “Rose City Rollers” by Mara Catherine Bryner and another “Bunny Girl in a Dotted Dress” by Julie Williams.  So I better get knitting as they won’t knit themselves, unfortunately.

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