Loot Mark 2

lootsThe photo alongside shows my haul from yesterday’s shopping expedition.  I found those gorgeous sack cloth bags (the snoopy and panda) along with the two smaller bags and journal at Typo.   I have been wanting to buy project bags off etsy but the price plus shipping often makes me shudder, so I came up with a local solution:  use the 4 bags I found at Typo, and sew my own bags.  You can also see the first bit of fabric I bought on the right hand side (for the bags I plan on sewing).

I also stumbled across Debbie Bliss: The Celtic Collection at our book shop, and Neuromancer by William Gibson for Jason.  I am pretty stoked with my haul.  Wouldn’t you be?

I came home to find I had a package delivered, un-dyed yarn samples from my potential supplier.  I spent a while smelling and squishing the gorgeous yarn.  Currently it is sitting drying after a little bath to remove an excess machine oils.  Flying Sheep Fibres looks closer to becoming a reality than ever.   Exciting times are afoot.



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