Epic Loot!

I popped into the local Hospice shop this afternoon to drop off an old pram, feeding chair and a few other odds and ends we have no use for any more.  I discovered a second hand ball winder sitting there calling my name, well actually dear Jason spotted it.  For R15!  An absolutely perfect ball winder!  This is some thing I have been wanting for ages but never got around to buying one online.  Until this week, that is.  I have one in the post on it’s way to me as we speak.  Not that I am kicking myself for not checking out Hospice first, the one coming to me is a sample for my store which I hope to have going in the not to distant future.

I promptly grabbed my second skein of Shibui sock yarn in the colourway – Seaweed (March Socks) and wound it into a ball.  As you can see in the below photograph it turned out quite loose, on my second attempt with the yarn I hand-dyed I was able to increase the tension.  I am extremely excited to knit up the orange yarn, which I am calling “Tangerine Dreaming.”


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