Walks in the forest

The Forest RiverYesterday the weather was simply amazing, the sun was shining with none of the over-powering heat we’ve been experiencing this summer.  It was perfect weather for a walk in the forest and picnic lunch to end off.  We were joined by Jason’s parents, which was wonderful. Both have had knee problems recently so it was good to see them out on a forest walk again.  I hope they will come with on the next one.

It won’t come as a surprise to any one:  Alice thoroughly enjoyed herself.  One of the reasons I love our local forest is how it lends itself so well to children and the imagination.  All along the path she looked for the fairies, so mushrooms became fairy houses and trees covered in moss and ferns were their gardens.   After the walk we played “Pooh Sticks” and as always was a huge hit. We then found ourselves a quiet spot in the sun for our picnic.  After eating Alice entertained herself with jumping in muddy puddles, picking flowers and throwing stones into the river.  Heading back home we had one very tired but happy 2 year old.

Throwing stones

This weekend I spent evenings watching video podcasts and knitting. My February Socks are now finished except for the last heel.  So much for the usual second sock syndrome or sock fatigue normally I experience.   The cast off edge of the cuff could be looser but otherwise I am extremely happy with how this pair of socks has turned out.  I have learned so much about knitting socks and  I think I have been bitten by the Sock bug.  Next time I write I will certainly have finished them and there will be photographic evidence. Next on my list are granny squares and my Manu cardigan.

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