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These Socks won’t knit themselves.

After the crazy period we like to call Christmas, I went through a rather dry spell with my knitting.  It always happens, all the activity, excitement, family and mounds of food wear me out and I experience a slump.  My mind needs time to recover  from all the socializing, anxiety and activity of the silly

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Walks in the forest

Yesterday the weather was simply amazing, the sun was shining with none of the over-powering heat we’ve been experiencing this summer.  It was perfect weather for a walk in the forest and picnic lunch to end off.  We were joined by Jason’s parents, which was wonderful. Both have had knee problems recently so it was

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Fabulous February

Wow, is it near the end of February already and I haven’t written the obligatory well wishes for the new year?  Let’s all pretend for a moment that it is the morning of the 1st of January 2015, we have all had a marvellous time the night before and now we’re all settling down in front of our

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